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Licensing Agreements

Florida-based CHAUVET has entered into a licensing agreement with Massachusetts-based Color Kinetics Incorporated whereby CHAUVET has access to Color Kinetics’ complete worldwide patent portfolio.

The licensing agreement allows CHAUVET to consolidate its position as a leader in entertainment lighting by expanding its already substantial portfolio of LED-fitted products, CHAUVET CEO Albert Chauvet said.

“Because we have invested heavily in LED technology and because we strongly believe that it is the way of the future, we took a pro-active stance in approaching Color Kinetics and seeking access to their patent portfolio,” he said. “We are thrilled that we were able to come to an agreement that will help us consolidate our position as a forward-thinking, ground-breaking company while still allowing us to offer the value that we are known for.”

“Color Kinetics is committed to enabling the intelligent LED Lighting market by granting access to the IP we’ve funded and developed for over ten years,” said Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. “We’re pleased to assist CHAUVET in its efforts and thereby support on-going development of LED-based entertainment lighting products.”

The global license applies to sales of CHAUVET products in certain markets covered by Color Kinetics’ patent portfolio.

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