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Since 2008

Fifteen years ago, Chauvet took action by launching our Green Thinking initiative. As one of the earliest adopters of energy efficient LED technology in the entertainment lighting industry, we determined to expand our focus on environmentally sustainable designs and develop a broad plan promoting sustainable practices across our operations, including:

  • Recycling
  • Waste reduction in our facilities and packaging
  • Energy efficient facilities
  • Compliance with global environmental directives and regulations
  • Continuous process, product and technology improvements

Chauvet views all business and technology decisions though a sustainability lens – from more energy efficient buildings to effective warehousing and lower carbon footprint to the adoption of more reusable packaging.


Chauvet’s dedication to Green Thinking in Action is reflected in our commitment to working with our partners in order to protect people and the planet through compliance with WEEE and RoHS directives to reduce waste and eliminate the use of hazardous substances.

RoHS Compliance

We endeavor to avoid regulated substances in our products and processes. Chauvet and its family of brands are committed to compliance with the RoHS directive and other legislation that supports environmentally sound industrial practices.

WEEE Pledge

We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products and processes throughout the product lifecycle by developing eco-friendly designs, encouraging safe disposal at product end of life, and pursuing practices that conform to WEEE standards and other global initiatives and directives.

Our House of Brands

CHAUVET Professional designs production-grade lighting fixtures built to the rigorous demands of the touring market as well as offering durable performance for permanent installations.

CHAUVET DJ innovates impactful lighting and pioneering control technologies that enable mobile performers, events and venues to create synchronized light shows with the press of a button.

KINO FLO advances the art and science of cinematic color fidelity with award-winning LED lighting solutions for film, broadcast, digital imaging and virtual production environments.

ChamSys combines the talent of lighting designers, software engineers and hardware developers to produce adaptable lighting control suited to the widest range of venues and skill levels.

ILUMINARC brings architectural lighting visions to life with eco-friendly LED designs and intuitive configurations that transform interior and exterior spaces instantly. Building. Beautiful.

LynTec is the industry-leading innovator of remotely operated AC power control systems for installed sound, performance lighting and distributed video. Power control simplified.

TRUSST supplies reliable trussing and related accessories designed for efficiency and ease of deployment in retail, exhibitions, mobile entertainment and small event production.