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Digital Asset Management
for the CHAUVET House of Brands

Chauvet Lightbox is a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) that provides fast and secure access to content for any CHAUVET brand. Use this self-service system to stay current with the latest commercial assets that will help take your business to the next level.

Cloud Access

Content is available for view, download, and embedding globally in a selected language.

Accessing Collections

Users receive links to grouped content called Collections, eliminating the need for an FTP server. Downloads are fast and easy.

Search & Download

Smart filters are enabled to retrieve content quickly and efficiently. Download assets in multiple size options or file types.

Embedding Assets

Users can ensure product content is current by embedding an asset’s code into the HTML of their business website. Content automatically updates.

New Product Cycle

New product content is retrievable faster, allowing for hassle-free, streamlined additions to your inventory.

Upload & Share

Promote your brand advocacy by adding application images via the external uploader found on the homepage and contribute to building our lighting community.


For help using the system contact