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2013 CHC Fashion Show

chs-fashion4 MIAMI, Fla. – Chauvet puts the shining members of the Community Habilitation Center (CHC) in the spotlight by providing more than 80 products to light the organization’s fashion show held at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

Every year, CHC, an organization that supports and serves adults with developmental disabilities from Miami-Dade County, hosts a fashion show to raise money for life skills programs and recreational activities. During this year’s Legends of Las Vegas themed event, CHC members, who range in ages from 21 to 71, became catwalk stars and models on a stage bathed in colorful light.

chs-fashion3 “We are so grateful to Chauvet for all the love, time and energy they poured into our fashion show,” said CHC Executive Director Natalia Laver-Wong. “Over 700 guests experienced a magical event thanks to the lighting provided by Chauvet.”

Chauvet International Sales Director and CHC Board Member Stéphane Gressier and CHAUVET DJ Product Manager Nick Airriess volunteered to install the fixtures and light the event.

“It was a privilege to be a part of this year’s CHC fashion show and help the members of the CHC shine on stage,” Gressier said. “I cannot thank CHC enough for this magnificent opportunity and would like to express my gratitude to Chauvet and Nick Airriess for supporting this great cause.”

chs-fashion5 Twenty-two CHAUVET Professional WELL Quad-M wireless wash lights lined the perimeter of the room and added bright columns of saturated color. “The WELL Quad-M provided us the flexibility to add light where we needed it because of their compact size and wireless capabilities,” Airriess said. “They worked flawlessly and added a level of elegance to the event.

To create an eye-catching backdrop that also provided lighting to the stage and catwalk, the Chauvet team built a goal post truss system using the following TRUSST products: three 3-meter sticks, two 2.5-meter sticks, two 6-way corner blocks and two 30-inch base plates. Six CHAUVET DJ Core 3×3 wash lights, four CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 450 LED moving heads and two CHAUVET DJ MotionDrape LED drapes mounted to the truss system added color and movement. Additionally, two single 2.5-meter TRUSST sticks secured to 24-inch base plates and warmed with WELL Quad-M wash lights were placed on either side of the stage and featured five Core 3×3 wash lights and an Intimidator Spot LED 450 moving head mounted to each.

Three CHAUVET DJ SlimBANK Tri-18 wash lights accentuated stage performers and provided additional front lighting, while two CHAUVET DJ 4BAR Tri wash lighting systems highlighted the band. Two CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC gobo projectors emitted crisp gobos, clearly displaying event logos. To differentiate the appearance of performances, six CHAUVET DJ SlimBANK UV-18 ultraviolet wash lights, two CHAUVET DJ Bubble Machines and a CHAUVET DJ Nimbus dry-ice machine were also incorporated into the setup for special effects. Airriess programmed and controlled all of the fixtures using ShowXpress.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]