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CHC Fund-raiser

CHC-3MIAMI, Fla. — As gold sponsor, CHAUVET lit the annual fund-raiser organized by Community Habilitation Center, a facility that supports and serves 150 adults with developmental disabilities from Miami-Dade County. Ranging in ages from 21 to 71, CHC members participated in a fashion show, while guests bid in silent and live auctions, raising funds for the center.

“The lighting created during the show created the ambiance that allowed our individuals to shine like the stars they truly are,” said Executive Director for Community Habilitation Center Inc. Natalia Laver. “We are grateful to CHAUVET for their professionalism and sponsorship.”

CHC-7 CHAUVET and ILUMINARC International Sales Director Stéphane Gressier and CHAUVET DJ Product Specialist Nick Airriess volunteered to install the fixtures and light the event.

“Seeing and witnessing the joy that the fashion show brings to the individuals of Community Habilitation Center is humbling, energizing and puts things in perspective,” Gressier said. “I am very grateful to CHAUVET and those directly involved with the event for supporting this great cause.”

Airriess programmed the lights using ShowXpress and connected all of the fixtures wirelessly. “The wireless transmitters and receivers saved us a lot of time running wires the long distances,” Airriess said.

CHC-5 Twenty-four CHAUVET Professional WELL wireless wash lights added to the elegant feel of the event, six coloring the white background of the stage and the rest placed against the walls throughout the room. “The WELL fixtures simply brought the room to life,” Airriess said. “They worked great and brought more glamour to the show.” Connected via a WDMX transmitter, the fixtures made the room transformation a snap, Airriess added.

To light the stage and the catwalk, the CHAUVET team placed 38 fixtures on eight pipe truss pieces: 12 CHAUVET Professional COLORado 1 VW Tour wash lights, 10 CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro VW fixtures, 10 Intimidator Spot LED 250 moving spots and six SlimPAR Pro RGBA wash lights. D-Fi 2.4Ghz transmitter/receiver units and D-Fi RX 2.4Ghz receivers wirelessly connected all of these fixtures.

“We wanted a bright catwalk to highlight the fashion show participants,” Airriess said. “I think the fixtures we brought added a lot to the show and fit the theme perfectly.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]